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2p Amelia by SocietyMember 2p Amelia :iconsocietymember:SocietyMember 12 3 My Man-self by SocietyMember My Man-self :iconsocietymember:SocietyMember 0 3
The Heart's Treasure- HP
If your treasure is where your heart is, then Molly Weasley's treasure can be found in Bill's work, Charlie's passion, Percy's ambition, George's smile, Fred's laughter, Ron's appetite, and Ginny's dreams.
She is a mother, and nothing else will ever be more important to her than her children.
Even when Bill wears his hair long and pierces his ear.
Even when Charlie takes a dangerous job far away.
Even when Percy reminds them over and over again that he's a prefect.
Even when Fred and George pull yet another prank.
Even when Ron drives a flying car to school.
Even when Ginny forgets her parents' warnings and listens to a diary.
She can see past their faults. They will always be her children.
Even when Bill gets engaged to that Delacour girl.
Even when Charlie can't come home as often as she would like.
Even when Percy lectures about regulating cauldron thickness.
Even when Fred and George leave school before they graduate.
Even when Ron runs off to the ministry in a failed rescue attemp
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The Marauders Watch Harry Potter in 99 Seconds
James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew did not like being bored. Pranksters don't do bored. This explains why the four Marauders decided to ask the Room of Requirement for something interesting to do. Anything interesting, really.
"Hey! What is that?"
"It's a pensieve, I think."
"It's for viewing memories."
"Oh! Cool!"
Inside the pensieve, they found two teenage boys singing a song that went something like this:
There once was a boy named Harry ("Harry who?")
Destined to be a star
His parents were killed by Voldemort ("Poor boy!")
Who gave him a lightning scar
(Yo, Harry! You're a wizard!)
Harry goes to Hogwarts("YES!")
He meets Ron and Hermione
McGonagall requires he play for Griffindor ("Woo hoo! Best House ever!")
Draco is a
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Fyreflare- Caitlyn F. Jones (CSA) by SocietyMember Fyreflare- Caitlyn F. Jones (CSA) :iconsocietymember:SocietyMember 2 16
AmericaXSoldier!Reader - Broken Fairytales
You had heard stories of a time where the world was at peace.  Back then, people could live and work and play however they wanted to.  They could spend time and money on frivolous pleasures like the beach or the movies.  They could enjoy the beautiful mountains, plains, and forests.
To you, those stories had always seemed like fairytales.
The world was no longer like that.
People's lives were centered on fighting for survival.  Resources were put towards supplies and weapons.  Beaches were strategic locations, and movies were for information.  The land was pockmarked with nuclear craters.
There was no escaping the war.
You had accepted the fact long ago.
When you had turned eighteen, you had joined the military.  You had hoped that your actions, even your death, could buy your family more time.
That dream had died four months later when you had recieved word that they had died from the plague.
That was over a year ago, now, but it looked like yo
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AustriaXLibrarian!Reader - Austrian Proverbs
Books had always been your passion.  Within their pages, you could find a window to just about anywhere you could ever wish to visit.  You could meet an alien race on a different planet or meet a charming young man in New York.  You could fight a werewolf in a world of fantasy or fight crime bosses in a world of espionage.
Your favorite books had always been about history.  With them, you could watch a Roman chariot race, cross the Delaware River with George Washington, or storm the beaches of Normandy on D-Day.
It surprised no one when you got a job as a librarian at a small library.
You liked your job.  There weren't too many people that came in, and you spent your free time reading.
One day, however, your reading was interrupted by a man coming through the door.
He was dressed formally in a dark blue suit.  His dark hair was combed back, save for one bit that stubbornly stuck up.  His violet eyes were hidden behind his spectacles.  All i
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APH - Of Pasta and Amusement Parks
It was a sunny summer day that saw Ludwig Beilschmidt and his girlfriend Feliciana Vargas on a date at an amusement park.
She was a ball of energy, racing from one sight to the next, as excited as a child.
Ludwig followed after her, content in watching her obvious enjoyment. He always loved to see her smile.
She had been smiling a lot that day.
She had ridden all of the kiddy rides. She had dragged him on the merry-go-round. She had insisted on trying her hand at the games.
Feli had even managed to find a place to eat lunch that served pasta. He shook his head fondly. She would eat pasta for every meal if she could.
A cheerful Italian voice pulled him out of his thoughts.
"Ve~ We should ride that one, Luddy!"
Ludwig looked. And looked. And looked some more. His girlfriend who was terrified of the tiniest things wanted to ride that? The biggest roller coaster in the park?
Warning bells went off in his head. This was not a good idea. In fact, it was a very bad idea.
Half an hour later, F
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Mature content
Cardverse Hetalia - Red :iconsocietymember:SocietyMember 11 4
2p!EnglandXDiabetic!Reader - Sweet
Your life was pretty good.  You didn't have perfect health or a perfect job, and you didn't have a boyfriend.  What you did have, though, was an appreciation for the little things in life.
One of these was the little park near your work.  Everyday, unless it rained, you would take your lunch and eat it in the park.
Today, however, when you reached your favorite spot, you found a strange man sitting there.
He had pale pink hair and light skin splashed with freckles.  He was wearing a pink collared shirt, a purple vest, a blue bowtie, and khaki pants.  Next to him he had set a plate of cupcakes.
As soon as he spoke, you could tell that he was British.
"Oh!  Is this your spot?" He questioned.
"I can sit somewhere else.  It doesn't matter," you replied.
"Come!  Sit."
"I wouldn't want to intrude..."
"Nonsense, love.  I'm always happy to make a new friend," he said, smiling.  He patted
the ground next to him.
You sat down.
"My name's Oliver K
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Hetalia: 2p!Canada by SocietyMember Hetalia: 2p!Canada :iconsocietymember:SocietyMember 4 1 Hetalia- Austria and Hungary by SocietyMember Hetalia- Austria and Hungary :iconsocietymember:SocietyMember 9 14 Chibi 2p Uk by SocietyMember Chibi 2p Uk :iconsocietymember:SocietyMember 1 5 Hetalia- Wow, life must hate you. by SocietyMember Hetalia- Wow, life must hate you. :iconsocietymember:SocietyMember 2 12 Hetalia- German Waitresses by SocietyMember Hetalia- German Waitresses :iconsocietymember:SocietyMember 0 0 Genderbent Gerita and Prucan by SocietyMember Genderbent Gerita and Prucan :iconsocietymember:SocietyMember 0 0


Norribeth Short Story
The day that William Turner helped Jack Sparrow escape from his appointment with the hangman’s noose, Elizabeth Swann had been sure that Will was going to profess his love for her. After all, it seemed only a natural progression of all that had taken place in the days before, even if he had kept his distance as of late.
But they both disappeared off the end of the parapet without even a word of goodbye, although there had been a brief and yearning glance in her direction on Will’s part. So Elizabeth faced the facts; she would still be marrying the Commodore after all.
If she was honest with herself, it was not that she dreaded the idea entirely. She wasn’t in love with the man; no, she was in love with Will - or at least she thinks she was. But she did possess a certain fondness for James that could possibly, one day, turn into more. At the very least she could settle into a steady companionship based on mutual affection. But for the time being she could still console he
:iconzexilover45:ZexiLover45 17 14
Willy Wonka by dop12 Willy Wonka :icondop12:dop12 81 48 Stalag 13 by Prince-Of-Retardia Stalag 13 :iconprince-of-retardia:Prince-Of-Retardia 74 34 sgt. andrew carter - hogan's heroes by maddy-winkel sgt. andrew carter - hogan's heroes :iconmaddy-winkel:maddy-winkel 15 17 USUK -  for lovers by TechnoRanma USUK - for lovers :icontechnoranma:TechnoRanma 4,977 545 USUK - fireside by TechnoRanma USUK - fireside :icontechnoranma:TechnoRanma 1,835 129 FicArt - Never Before by TechnoRanma FicArt - Never Before :icontechnoranma:TechnoRanma 1,130 44 UKUS - Allies by TechnoRanma UKUS - Allies :icontechnoranma:TechnoRanma 2,716 216 France uses American spelling by ChokorettoMilku France uses American spelling :iconchokorettomilku:ChokorettoMilku 171 19 hetalia: france by reijr hetalia: france :iconreijr:reijr 1,106 62 Monsieur France by kaiser-mony Monsieur France :iconkaiser-mony:kaiser-mony 1,274 180 vive la france by Blue-Fox vive la france :iconblue-fox:Blue-Fox 3,059 245 France and England by hime1999 France and England :iconhime1999:hime1999 2,553 258 March Towards Independence by heavensong March Towards Independence :iconheavensong:heavensong 140 64 Realization by ReoPlusOne Realization :iconreoplusone:ReoPlusOne 5 1
Scotland X Reader- Friends Don't
Disclaimer: I own neither Hetalia nor you…One day that'll change…One…day…
When someone phones your house at two in the morning, that someone won't be telling you something you like.
You knew this to be a fact…Which was why you contemplated letting the call go to the answering machine. You had been in the middle of a nice, restful slumber when that damn shrill ringing woke you. Even if you did pick up the call, you would sound far too grouchy to make any civil conversation.
Don't answer…you repeated in your head, like a mantra. Don't answer. Don't answer. Don't answer.
But, when your imagination led you to think up horrible scenarios that would warrant a pre-sunrise phone call, you found yourself answering the phone.
"Hello?" you said groggily.
"____?" a gruff voice you knew all too well responded from the other end of the line.
"Yeah, Boss?" you replied slowly to your employer.
"I've got a riddle for ye. I got a bloomin' idiot in my pu
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1) Tell you why I befriended you. 

2) Associate you with something random: a song, a color, a photo, etc. 

3) Tell you my favorite thing about you. 

4) Tell you a memory of you that I try to remember. 

5) Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.

6) Tell you my favorite deviation of yours

7)  Tell you what I'd do if we were in the same room right now. 

8) If you and I are handcuffed together in a cop car. Using only 3 words, what I would say to you. 

9) In return, you must post this in your journal.

I got this from :iconfyreflare:


Colored Sketch
A colored sketch. This takes me a little while to do, but I will get it to you as soon as possible.

I will not draw anything explicit.

An uncolored drawing.

I will not draw anything explicit.

One shot or Reader insert
I will write for you a Harry Potter, Hetalia, Star Trek, or Doctor Who one shot. I don't write smut, slash, or incest.

If you want a different fandom, ask me, and I'll see if I'm familliar with it.



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